Instagram Story + Question
Our brief was to create a social media piece that enhanced the third wave of the In It Together campaign. We utilized campaign footage to show everyone has their own motivation, and how they all unite to make a community. Then, we would use Instagram's "Ask a Question" sticker to ask members what they are "in it" for and featuring the best responses. This piece made it through multiple rounds of reviews and was endorsed by the business partner, hindered only by last-minute budgetary restrictions.
I designed this video and worked with the editor at the production house to bring it to life.​​​​​​​
Give and Get Help Video
For this video, we were tasked with researching and gathering content on LinkedIn that showcased "giving and getting help" on the platform. Then, we provided direction by organizing the content in a way that told a story members could follow and relate to. I worked with the production house to provide art direction for the animation style and narrative.
See the original post on LinkedIn.

Labor Day 2018 Mini Campaign
Our brief was to create an interesting Labor Day mini campaign in a short amount of time that interested and engaged users, showing how LinkedIn celebrates all types of labor. We worked with our business partner to obtain real user data and leveraged it in a way that allows viewers to reflect on all the labor we've collectively done as a nation.
This piece was designed by me, utilizing the new LinkedIn brand guidelines, and we worked with an animator to bring it to life.
See the post on LinkedIn here.
Career Pivot Campaign
Our brief was to create a mini campaign that drove people who are "career sleepwalking" to LinkedIn's resources for career pivoting. We worked with our animator to bring a few videos like this one to life, using real members who career pivoted.
See the post on LinkedIn here.
Creative Studio (Intern) Branding
As interns, we had to showcase our projects at a company-wide intern fair. Since the Creative Studio is still so new, we felt it our duty to educate everyone on its badassery. I developed a branding scheme, including a logo and pattern, inspired by LinkedIn's newest brand guidelines and we most definitely made matching bandanas with the logo on them. The pattern represents the three facets of the Creative Studio: creative, accounts, and production.

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