Though three of my photos (all included in the 'Travels' album) were finalists, this particular one brought home a big W in 2nd place for a photography contest. 
As someone who enjoys documenting life, I am notorious for lagging behind in groups because of taking photos--it's sort of my USP. That was definitely the case here as my new friends and I spontaneously traveled to Sevilla, Spain. I went into my study abroad program knowing no one, and took a leap of faith by traveling with this wonderful group of women one weekend this past summer. As I was lagging behind (to no one's surprise) in the famous Plaza de España, I turned around to catch up with them and beheld this picturesque view of them candidly walking into the distance. Without a second thought I snapped the scene on my trusty Canon Rebel T3i, not even coming across this cherished memory until a month later. Who knew it would end up winning me $200? 
Click on the photo if you need some real proof.
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